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“Jim’s therapy techniques and advanced training methods brought my rehabilitation to a level that no other therapist had before. Not only did he help me to quickly regain lost strength and agility, but he also taught me the skills necessary to keep myself healthy beyond my therapy sessions.”

Chuck H.

“After turning 40 several knee injuries sidelined me. One injury seemed to lead to one problem after another. I almost lost hope of leading an active lifestyle again.

Jim was able to rehabilitate my injuries and keep me focused on my goals. Thanks to Jim I am as active today as I was prior to my injuries.”

Debbie S.

“I met Jim about 10 yrs. ago when he became my Physical Therapist. Jim is a motivator. His goal in life is to help you to become better, and he will not stop until he knows that you are where you need to be, and even after that he continues to strive to set goals to improve you more.

I can say that Jim is a very caring and devoted person to this day. If I had the chance to be treated, or anyone I know needed to be, this would be the person that I would come to, and the one I would recommend for anyone who wants to achieve the best that they can with the help of such an extraordinary person.”

Ann B.

“In July of 2009 I had to go to physical therapy after shoulder surgery. My doctor recommended The Next Level. Jim knew exactly what I needed to do to get me back on the golf course. He knows exactly how much to push each patient to get the best outcome for them. The whole staff is very helpful. They all make you feel like you are part of the family. I would highly recommend The Next Level to anyone that needs physical therapy. Even if you have to drive a little out of the way, it’s worth it.”

Jerry H.

Allow me this opportunity to thank you for making my husband, Mike, a new man. He’s even better now, following your excellent care, than he was when I married him over ten years ago! During his physical therapy, after rotator cuff surgery, Mike has gladly endured the pain and suffering of therapy on his left shoulder, knowing he is in good hands by a skillful, courteous and innovative therapist at The Next Level. Not only is Mike’s injured shoulder recovered, but his right shoulder also has a wider range of motion from the exercises and stretches you have had him perform. It is with confidence and pleasure that we will recommend you to our friends and family for physical therapy.”

Phyllis M.

“I have had a number of medical problems, and I have seen a lot of doctors and therapists, but Jim Silvestri is by far the most caring and dedicated medical professional I have ever encountered. Many doctors have made me feel like just another patient who will write them a fat check. Jim is the exact opposite of this. He goes out of his way for his patients on a regular basis and is genuinely concerned about their well-being. Even though I live in New Orleans now, I still drive across the lake regularly to continue my wellness program with Jim because he is the only therapist I trust, and I know that he truly cares about me and my health.”

Marly R.

“After having career threatening elbow surgery, I heard about Jim through a friend that spoke extremely highly of him. I decided to take up my physical therapy and The Next Level and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. Saying Jim is the Ideal Physical Therapist is an understatement. He really enjoys what he does and goes above and beyond for all of his patients. He helped get me back where I needed to be faster than I thought would ever be possible. Thanks to him I am now back on track to a shot at fulfilling my life-long dream at a professional baseball career.”

Zach K.

“I have been a preschool teacher for the past 23 years. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both knees. The unthinkable happened; I had injured the sciatic nerve along the left side of my body, causing me to be unable to move. My physician ordered physical therapy with Mr. Jim Silvestri. I was so afraid and I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived walking with the help of crutches. Jim evaluated my condition. I remembered asking him one question, ‘Can you get me to walk without these crutches?’ For the record, Jim did it! Erica thanks for helping assist Jim with preparing me for my session with your soft and gentle touch! ‘An Awesome Place to Recover!’

Norma B.

“I injured my lower back about five years ago. My Doctor gave me medicine and sent me to physical therapy with only negative outcomes. After 1-1/2 years, I gave up and dealt with the pain until I couldn’t deal with it anymore. My mom told me about Jim, so I decided to go to him. That was the best decision ever.He knows exactly what exercises each person should do to help them with their situation. He has helped me strengthen my core and the rest of my body to keep me out of pain and prevent injuries due to weakness. I give Jim and his staff 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, etc. You get the picture.”

Casey C.

“I have more strength in my left arm, right arm also. I have breathed more respiration than I have in a long time and heart pounded more than normal. Overall, I feel better for having been with Jim at physical therapy. I was an 8 year couch potato. Exercise was not part of my life very much, but now it will be, and all my doctors will be glad.”

Emile E.

“Had great results from the program put in place by the staff. Thanks for everything.”

David P.

“Much greater improvement in abilities, especially in reaching upward and behind and in overall movement of arm in various directions. The strength of the shoulder has increased significantly. I have previously tended to overestimate my ability and/or strength and now will be more cautious and realistic.

Jim is very knowledgeable and worked with me carefully, effectively, patiently and with concern. His assistants were well trained and effective demonstrating care for my well-being. The relaxed, interactive atmosphere of The Next Level was a bonus.”

William E.

“I am now able to fully run, jump, and walk on my ankle. It is no longer swollen. The employees there are very nice. It’s like one big family!”

Emma E.

“I loved going to P.T. I realized what muscles are connected, that I didn’t maybe think about before. Everyone is nice and helpful, it was a laid back atmosphere.”

Julie W.

“The Next Level helped me recover from my hamstring injury and helped me get prepared and healthy for baseball. I saw dramatic improvements in my hamstring.”

Jeremy A.

“My strength has improved tremendously since my surgery. I am getting a lot better mobility in my shoulder too.”

Matthew S.

“I have learned exercises needed to continue process of strengthening this leg. This was a very positive experience and I’ve learned a lot from you all.”

Sheila G.

“After having surgery on my shoulder I had to have Physical Therapy. The Next Level is a great place to go with sports related injuries, or any other injury. I can now raise my arm above my head and play softball.”

Rachel S.

“I learned how to work my muscles. I improved my upper body strength. When I first came to The Next Level for physical therapy I could not lift my arm above my waist. Now I have 95% motion and flexibility. The staff was always very professional.”

Mike S.

“My bad knee is much better than the good one. My younger child says he never remembered me without limping. Now no limp.”

Rodney L.

“Extremely friendly and supportive environment. I like it here.”

Patrick D.

“Excellent service at The Next Level. I received therapy on my shoulder. I got the treatment and care to make me whole again. What a great feeling.”

Laura L.

“Jim may be know as a shoulder specialist but my experience was for ankle rehab. My wife had Jim rehabilitate her shoulder and finished 2 weeks before I had ankle surgery. I am a rider in the Krewe of Caesar and absolutely wanted to be able to ride in my parade. I asked Jim to build a program for me with that one goal in mind. He did! We both worked hard and I was released to ride the day prior to the parade!”

Barry W.

“I came in with very bad leg pain in the muscles and sciatic nerve. Jim and Lisa worked with me to stretch the muscles and relieve the pain. They had a variety of exercised to target the painful areas. The pain was determined to be cause from the seat in my car. Jim even sat in my car. That’s how he knew where it originated from. Jim gave me recommendations to ease the discomfort. They was very thorough and really worked to get at the source of the pain.”

Jessica T.

“My lower back pain frequency has greatly decreased. Also, I have gotten noticeably more flexible. This was one of the best things I have ever done!”

Gavin L.

“When I first came, I had trouble walking and had extreme pain from my hip to my ankle. I can now run and am pain free.”

Lee T.

“Mr. Silvestri was a great teacher, providing expert instruction in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The exercises were varied and helped build not only arm strength, but total core strength. He also tweaked my pitching motion so I will not be putting too much pressure on my elbow in the future. Overall, a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”

Brett B.

“I came in with a very weak shoulder. Through the time of working with Jim and Sherry, they taught me great exercises to improve my shoulder strength, which I can do on my own. I also loved how they focus not only on the injury area, but they improve the body’s health as a whole.”

Christy T.

“I do not feel pain anymore when I throw the ball. I also don’t feel pain when lifting my arm in normal activities, like I did before. I feel much stronger in my arm.”

Madison S.

“When I came in, I had limited strength and continuing pain in my right shoulder. After work with targeted exercises, I have made a full recovery and have gained strength. And the pain has ceased. Sherry and Jim have been very helpful and fun to work with.”

Jewell C.

“I feel a lot stronger and more fluid than I did before surgery. I feel no pain when I throw anymore and I have improved my throwing motion.”

Keith H.

“The whole staff is personable, welcoming, and give their utmost attention in order to reach the goals set before you. I had a limited amount of time to get to where I needed to be, and with their guidance, I was able to get back to normal.”

Ernie B.

“Great environment, they really make you push yourself. My knee has rehabilitated great and is improving.”

Brandon K.

“I struggled for over a year with hip flexor pain. I tried physical therapy, massage therapy and rest with no improvement. Jim was able to provide me with exercises that allowed me to continue working out while helping my hip flexors. Finally, I am in no pain! And, I’m in better shape than when I came in. I highly recommend The Next Level, especially for athletes!!”

Kerry B.

“I would recommend The Next Level to everyone that needs physical therapy. At my advanced age, they have restored motion that I did not believe possible. They are knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with. The workout was intense, but the results were worth it. I wold not hesitate to praise this facility to anyone. They are levels above the best and I appreciate what I have accomplished with them.”

Anne B.

Reach YOUR Potential!!

Complete Care for Weekend Warriors and Elite Athletes

If you are in pain and can’t participate in sports or your normal daily activities, the good news is we can help. We specialize in the treatment of muscle, joint, and movement disorders.

We can effectively treat any orthopedic patient and are uniquely qualified to handle the athlete.

A “Continuum” of Care

“Continuum” means whole or continuous, and that is what sets us apart from other physical therapy practices. Both the facility and the methods have been purposely constructed to treat patients from the day after injury all the way through to a successful return to recreational, club, high school, or collegiate competition.

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